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Weddings are a special moment in a couple’s life and choosing to host the event at home can make it all the more memorable. However, planning for the big day can take a lot of time and preparation. We believe there’s nothing more sophisticated than a wedding tent for At Home Backyard Weddings. Sailcloth, completely clear, or with open sides, these sturdy structures present a blank canvas for you to showcase your day-of style. More importantly, a tent will serve as an additional structure which can be installed next to your house. 

Designing tents is our absolute favorite and whether it’s an elegant, casual or romantic design, nothing beats the ambiance of a tented wedding. But with tenting comes so many other logistical questions so make sure to have an awesome team of vendors that are well versed in the tenting game to ensure your day goes off flawlessly.

Our tent décor options include but are not limited to draping, lighting and outdoor lighting. Tents tend to be accessible from most places around the perimeter so it’s important to define the entrance with décor. This will help guests know which way the space is designed to be initially viewed from, walked through and enjoyed. Some décor options to consider include delicate entrance draping and a garland of greenery and florals.

Lighting is also key when designing in a tent. With the perfect attention to detail in lighting, backyard weddings can be so warm and intimate. We like for our lighting sources to also be design elements. Consider adding chandeliers or a vibrant floral structure to create a focal point or add a pop of color to your all-white tent. 

Draping suspended from the ceiling will also create an added layer of refinement to your overall design. You can not only embellish your ceiling by incorporating hand-pleated fabric swags but disguise unsightly poles with pole draping.

We also recommend illuminating the surrounding areas of your tent. Whether you are having a lounge and cocktail area before your reception or using an outdoor pool area as the perfect space for your guests to mix and mingle, consider outdoor lighting to set an inviting and cozy ambiance.

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