Site CreditS

We have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful and talented wedding photographers throughout Connecticut and New England. We are grateful for their images. 

Tented Weddings:
HK Photography, Lizzie Burger Photography, Stephanie Vegliante Photography, Keeley Abigail Photography, Maggie Conley Photography and Brooke Allison Photography.

Indoor Draping:
Chike Photography, Frame and Anchor Photography, Photography CT, Donna Cheung Photography, Shaina Lee Photography

Corelynn Tucker Photography, Petronella Photography, Rachel Girouard Photography, Brigham and Co Photography. 

Wedding Lighting:
Iris Photography, HK Photography, Keeley Abigail Photography, Shaina Lee Photography, Madison Abbey Photography. 

Outdoor Lighting:

Petronella Photography, Sweet Alice Photography, Walker Studios LLC Photography.